Bulgaria White Rose Essence Body Wash - 500ml


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[HAPPY BATH] Bulgaria White Rose Essence Body Wash

[ Content ]
1 x 500ml

[ Product Description ]

HAPPY BATH offers natural body care products for the whole family by capturing ingredients from around the world with proven benefits for the skin throughout history, such as rose and soapberries.

HAPPY BATH applies its own unique technology, the HAPPY BATH Blooming Scent Technology™, to capture the best scent nature has to give in its products. It collects and captures the fragrance of plants at the exact moment it reaches its peak by considering the various factors that impact the oil, such as natural conditions like climate, as well as maturity, time of collection and parts of the plants used.

[ Benefits ]
Contain 5kind of vegetable-originated oil (Argan oil + jojoba oil + olive oil + coconut oil + sunflower seed oil)
Contains Bulgaria rose Water
Moist Gel-Type formula
Relaxing and Pure Floral Scent

[ How to Use ]
Pour an appropriate amount of foam over a bath sponge or towel, rub it like a massage on the whole body, and wash it thoroughly with water.


Happy Bath

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Rated 0 out of 5
0 out of 5 stars (based on 0 reviews)
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