Damage Care Hair Shampoo / Rinse - 680ml


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Damage Care Hair Shampoo / Rinse – 680ml

1 x Damage Care Hair Shampoo – 680ml
1 x Damage Care Rinse (Hair Conditioner) – 680ml

[Product Description]

1. Scalp Care Hair Shampoo
–A hydrating & revitalizing shampoo for dry or damaged hair
-Helps gently cleanse hair while repairing
-Rich in Argan oil Royal Jelly & Rose Water
-Helps enhance hair flexibility & strength from root to end
-Boosts hydration levels & provides

2. Damage Care Rinse (Hair Conditioner)
– helps restore strength, elasticity and shine to damaged and colored hair, leaving it healthy and well-groomed.
-The conditioner contains such valuable components as: Argan oil is a source of nutrition and hydration. The oil fills the hair structure and smoothest the scales, restoring elasticity and vitality to the hair.


Rose water – restores the water-lipid balance of the skin and hair, controls the work of the sebaceous glands, preventing rapid contamination of the hair at the roots. It also has a healing and antibacterial effect on the scalp.

Royal jelly extract – royal jelly – a storehouse of nourishing ingredients for hair. It contains proteins, amino acids, enzymes, phospholipids and many other substances that are essential to restore hair structure.

[How To Use]
1. Shampoo
Take an appropriate amount and massage onto scalp. Wash of after few minutes.

2. Conditioner
After shampooing hair, dispense an appropriate amount onto your palm, lightly apply on hair and wash off with lukewarm water.


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Damage Care Shampoo, Damage Care Rinse


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0 out of 5 stars (based on 0 reviews)
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