Perfect Serum Conditioner - 680ml


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Perfect Serum Conditioner – 680ml

1 x 680ml

Perfect Serum Original Conditioner
Perfect Serum Super Rich Conditioner
Perfect Serum Styling Conditioner

Product Details

1. Perfect Serum Original Conditioner
– As a conditioner containing the high nutrition of Perfect Serum, it enhances the softness of the hair.
– Provides nutrient intensive supply to damaged hair surface with hair conditioner and helps improve hair texture with coting.
– Hair conditioner that improves hair gloss, moisture, strength, and elasticity, and improves tangles, roughness, and cracks of hair, making it soft and smooth.
– Contains golden oil extracted from argan, to soften the hair.

2. Perfect Serum Super Rich Conditioner
– Highly concentrated extreme damage care conditioner
– Conditioner that improves tangles and dryness of extremely damaged hair.
– Care of hair that breaks and cracks due to frequent perm and dyeing.
– Intensive care gives ultra-smoothness to extremely high-damaged hair.
– The high content of hair conditioning ingredients softens extremely damaged hair.
– Hair cuticle damage care: It fills damaged hair cuticles with nutrients and moisture to make hair smooth.

3. Perfect Serum Styling Conditioner
– Styling professional styling conditioner
– Style polymer technology optimized for styling / Refreshing volume and damaged hair care
– After hair conditioning, it dries to a refreshing feel and helps maintain the styling by revitalizing the volume of the hair.
– When using a curling iron after conditioning and drying, , the curls better, helping styling and maintaining better hair curls.

How to use
After shampooing, apply an appropriate amount to the hair except the scalp and rinse thoroughly.


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