Hyper Purifying Nano Fiber Filter Mask


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[SOOMLAB] Hyper Purifying Nano Fiber Filter Mask

[ Content ]
1 x 1 Hyper Purifying Nano Fiber Filter Mask

[ Expiration ]
3years after manufacturing date (2020.06.04 manufacture date)

[ Product Description ]
SOOM LAB’S Nano-fiber filter allows for easier breathing as well as high filtration and prevention of airborne particles.
Nano-fiber filter is made of the fine fiber of 0.1 pm and blocks harmful substances.
The thickness of nanofiber is only a thousandth of a single hair strand. Na nanofiber filter is made by sterically building these fibers in a fishnet structure creating an 85% filtration rate that is both sturdy and breathable. Nanofiber produced from LEMON has very consistent pore size and thickness, making Nano-fiber filter one of the most recommendable and effective fiber for everyday use and safety.

[ Benefits ]
1. Do you wear glasses? If so, this is for you.
Our Hyper Purifying Breathing Mask has become a must-have for people with glasses as the nano-filter quickly
releases the breath out of the mask to prevent vapor build-up inside the mask.
2. The nano -filter fiber mask stays soft and dry throughout the day even after multiple reuses.
3. 2-stage folding Safe for putting on and taking off.
– From packaging to your face, SOOMLAB’s Hyper Purifying Breathing Mask is designed for minimal facial contact
and contamination.

[ How to Use ]
1. Hook the ear-band on one side of your ear.
Pull the other band to fit your chin on the bottom line of your mask.
2. Adjust the mask to your chin and jawline as close and tight as possible.
3. Press both sides of the nose bridge as illustrated to tighten the fit on your face.

[ Ways on how to Reuse It ]
You can clean these by spraying the mask with 75% ethanol and then let it air dry for 1 hour, can be reused up to 10 times this way. Alternatively, you can dip and soak the mask in 75% ethanol for at least 5 minutes , and then air dry. Please make sure the mask is completely dry before reuse.



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Rated 0 out of 5
0 out of 5 stars (based on 0 reviews)
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