Vaseline Hand Cream - 80ml

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Vaseline Hand Cream 80ml-

1 X 1 80ML

1.Keratin Moisture
2.Collagen Moisture
3.Deep Moisture
4.Daily Moisture
5.Foot Cream

1.Keratin Moisture
-keratin supplies peptides composed of amio acids to replenish the lack of nutrients in the hands and nails.If you apply it frequently,it wll make your hands and nails healthy

2.Collagen Moisture
-Marine Collagen (Hydrolyzed Collagen) strengthens skin elasticity and shine to dry skin,making it lively.

3.Deep Moisture
-Strongest moisturizing power with shea butter
-Shea butter,rich in vitamin A, forms a barrier to prevent moisture from escaping ,leaving dry skin moist and smooth.

4.Daily Moisture
-Strongest moisturizing power with beta-glucan
-It controls the oil and moisture of the skin to keep it moist and makes the skin full of moisture hydrolyzed soy,protein contains eternal P, a compound derived from peas , for healthy skin.

5.Foot Cream
-Soften dry and rough skin.
-Urea that gently removes dead skin cells and keratin that helps srengthen the skin.
-Blows rough and hard keratin ,it helps to make the skin soft and flexible to exfoliate.

Recommend to
✔ Those who want to make dry skin moist for a long time
✔ Those who are uncomfortable with sticky hand cream
✔ Those who want a mild and non-irritating hand cream
✔ Those who want a hand cream that absorbs quickly
✔ Those who are looking for a product that can be safely used on all skin types

How to use
Apply it frequently whenever you feel that your skin needs moisturizing.




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Rated 0 out of 5
0 out of 5 stars (based on 0 reviews)
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